• Dr. Bill Walker

The Adoption Option. You Can Change a Child’s Life Forever!

Have you ever considered adopting a child?

Doing so could change two lives forever – a child’s - and yours.

The Great Need

There are currently about 108,000 foster children eligible for and waiting to be adopted in the U.S. and countless more children from other countries.

The Foster Care system plays a crucial role in the child welfare process, but it is designed to be only a temporary solution. The kids in foster care know they are in a temporary situation. Because so, they tend to put their long-term emotional needs on hold, and this is not good, especially for teens.

Why do they wait? They know that sooner or later their foster parent relationship will end, and often unexpectedly. From the child’s point of view it is not emotionally safe to establish a deep trusting relationship that is designed by nature to only be temporary.

Children desperately need to be adopted into a permanent “forever” home. They need the security of knowing it is safe to put down roots of emotional investment in a family they are permanently a part of. Being adopted assures them it is finally safe to put down these roots.

This process is called attachment and has long been known to be the major requirement of emotional wellness and maturity.

Do Regular People Actually Adopt?

Adoption is not as common as it needs to be – there are 100,000 children in the U.S. waiting right now. But, there are many wonderful families that do adopt.

Did You Know? [1]

* One out of every 25 U.S. families with children have an adopted child.

* According to the U.S. Census, about half of these have both biological and adopted children.

* Roughly 40% of adoptions are from the U.S. foster care system.

* The U.S. adopts more children than the rest of the world combined, internationally as well as domestically.

* 40% of adopted children are of a different race, culture, or ethnicity than one or both their adoptive parents.

* 81.5 million Americans have considered adoption.

A Hidden Tragedy: Teens Who Are Never Adopted

While we tend to think of adoption as a couple bringing home a cuddly infant child the truth is there are kids of all ages that need adopting.

One group that can be overlooked is teens in the foster care system.

Every year National Adoption Month has a theme. For the past 2 years the theme has been the need for teens to be adopted.

It is easy to forget that the foster care system only provides services to young people up until their 18th birthday. The day a young person in the foster care system turns 18 – they are on their own.

Imagine turning 18 with no family to support and love you. This is the reality for about 23,000 teens every year in the U.S. who turn 18 and lose foster care support without finding a permanent family. They can literally find themselves alone, on the street, with NO ONE.

The statistics for this group are tragic: [1]

* Only 2% of children who age out of foster care without being adopted will go on to get a college education

* 80% of the prison population comprises adults who were in the foster care system at some point on their childhood.

This second statistic is not a reflection on the foster care system. It means that these children/youth were removed from biological families that were considered either too dangerous, too neglectful, and/or too abusive for their own safety. And these young people never found a healthy, loving family to adopt them. 8/10 of them end up in the penal system because they often have nowhere else to turn but to people of a terrible influence.

Bottom Line: Teens Need To Be Adopted Too!

Are You Interested In Knowing More About Adoption?

Adoption is not for everyone. There are requirements to be met. Yet, no one is asking you to be the perfect parent. Nor are they asking you to be wealthy. Private adoptions can be expensive, but adoptions through the state foster care system are not.

This is a very helpful link in getting a better idea of the requirements for adoption.

Gloria Hochman, of the National Adoption Center says, "People shouldn't be afraid to see if they qualify — especially if they're willing to think about a child in foster care. It's just about finding a home where the child can be safe and nurtured." [1]


Christianly Speaking

I have been a member of churches where adoption was almost the rule, rather than the exception. We have known so many wonderful Christians who have adopted so many wonderful children.

As a result, these children were raised in God-fearing families with the church as a regular influence in their life. And now, years later, these adopted children have grown up to be faithful Christians WHO ARE NOW ADOPTING CHILDREN of their own!

This creates a wonderful and powerful legacy of mercy and goodwill that will hopefully continue for unending generations to come.

As far as the best requirements for being an adoptive parent the fruit of the Spirit encompasses every quality a parent needs:

"The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control." (Galatians 5:22-23).

No parent can go wrong with this list.


Adoption truly is the opportunity to change lives. Yours included!

Here is an excellent website to learn more about adoption: