• Bill Walker

The Value of Father's Day

Father’s Day, like Mother’s Day, is a very important cultural reminder. On this day the citizens of this country make a special effort to remember and recognize the men who are fathers – both past and present.

Remembering is important. It is human nature to take for granted the valued things in our life. Our relationships are no exception. The observance of Father’s Day reminds all of us of the God-established and critical role of the father in the family

Recognizing is important. To recognize means to acknowledge the existence and validity of something. Father’s Day acknowledges the existence and validity of the role of father.

There are growing voices who say the roles that make up the traditional family are outdated and useless. At best, fathers are seen as optional, and at worst, unnecessary.

I believe the greatest benefit of Father’s Day is to our children.

Father’s Day:

• Teaches children that the role of father is valued by our society to the point of being given a special day of recognition.

The message to our kids is fathers are not just important in our own family; fathers are important in all families. The role of father is important to our entire nation.

• Encourages children to make a special effort to show their love and appreciation to their fathers.

Children must learn to communicate their appreciation and love. This can be especially true for boys, who tend to be socialized to not express emotions. Father’s Day is an opportunity for our kids to focus on how to express appreciation and love. The actual giving of this appreciation – whether verbal, a card &/or gift -- allows them to practice the doing of this on a yearly basis for the majority of their lives.

Yes, there is great value in the observance of Father’s Day. A value that benefits our kids,

the various cultures among us, and our nation as our whole.

Here’s to remembering dad this Sunday.