IFP’s mission is to prevent divorce and family disintegration, improve marital and family functioning, and promote healthy family emotional, mental and spiritual wellness –  all within the context of a Biblical worldview.


Dr. Bill Walker

     For the last 10 years he has served as a preaching minister for the Stoney Point church, delivering lessons each Sunday on faithful Christian living.


     Dr. Walker and his wife, Cindy,  have been married for 32 years. They are blessed with two college-aged children.

     Dr. Bill Walker is the Executive Director and founder of the Institute for Family Preservation.  

     His experience includes serving 20 years as a clinical instructor and professor of Behavioral Science, teaching courses in the fields of psychology, counseling and marriage and family therapy. 

     In addition, Bill has served as a minister for churches in Kaufman, Texas, (Youth and Family) and the Montgomery, Ala., area.


Local university student organizations have adopted IFP as one of their ongoing service project partners.  They assist the director with administrative tasks, advertising projects, and social media campaigns.

Delta Xi Omega members proudly support IFP

"MIGHTY" possessing great and impressive power and strength.  


Mightyfamily.org seeks to empower all marriages and families to become MIGHTY – achieve levels of ‘great and impressive power and strength - in their mental, emotional and spiritual areas of functioning.  


The traditional institutions of marriage and family are experiencing unprecedented levels of internal and external stress.  The result is that divorce and family dysfunction are at epidemic levels.  It is imperative that families be given the tools and support to operate at optimal levels of mental, emotional and spiritual health.  


Through the mightyfamily.org website couples and families enter an easy to navigate and vast resource center of free tools in various media forms, including print, audio and video.  These free materials are intended to help every marriage and family reach optimal (i.e., “mighty”) levels of healthy functioning.